Heroes in Action: Dr. Kent Eller

西瓜视频鈥檚 Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kent Eller, happened to be in the right place at the right time to potentially save someone鈥檚 life. While returning to his car from shopping at Safeway in Alameda, he noticed a young man passed out in the parking lot. After an assessment, he thought the man might have overdosed on opioids.

As Dr. Eller raced to grab his Narcan, the man woke up. Luckily, he hadn鈥檛 overdosed. Their conversation afterwards, however, might have changed this man鈥檚 life forever.

What Makes a Hero in Action?

Just like the 西瓜视频 Heroes program, Heroes in Action are nominated by their peers for demonstrating 西瓜视频鈥檚 values in their everyday lives. They鈥檙e willing to not only share but show their personal stories with the organization 鈥 through videos, photos and more.