Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity Matters at 西瓜视频

西瓜视频 cultivates and embraces the diversity, values, beliefs, interests, experiences, and cultural viewpoints of our staff, the individuals we serve, their families, and the communities in which we are located.

We celebrate our commonalities as well as our differences. We believe that diversity enriches learning, growth, and innovation. We know that new ideas come from diverse ways of seeing things, and always strive to be culturally sensitive and responsive in our service delivery.

As a family- and employee-owned organization, we are committed to respect, growth, and partnership. We believe our investment in cultural humility, equity, and inclusion (CHEI), as a strategic priority will allow us to live our values more fully and grow to be a more effective and powerful provider.

Diversity Hiring

西瓜视频 is a proud partner and member of , an organization that helps us reach and recruit diverse candidates and make our hiring process as equitable
and inclusive as possible.

西瓜视频鈥檚 Cultural Humility, Equity
& Inclusion (CHEI) Commitment

西瓜视频 is committed to advancing cultural diversity, humility, equity, and inclusion (CHEI) at all levels of our organization.

We lead with our deepest values to advocate for change on a broader scale 鈥 and transform our own system of care to reduce inequities and healthcare disparities while increasing our accountability, transparency, and inclusiveness.

We believe our diversity is our strength. We are committed to ensuring all diverse groups 鈥 including all races and ethnicities, all expressions of gender identity and sexual orientation, religion, and members of any protected group 鈥 feel supported, valued, and have a sense of belonging within 西瓜视频. We will work diligently to address any behaviors that marginalize any member of our community.

We understand that to deliver excellent and effective behavioral health services we must understand and address the ways that racial and other biases, misconceptions, and societal inequities influence our work.

We are dedicated to joining together 鈥 in goodwill and in full awareness of our human shortcomings and imperfections 鈥 to improve and evolve our organization, our workplace, and our services for the good of our staff, our communities, and the people we serve.

Download Our CHEI Flyer & Diversity Stats

Updated in December 2022. New stats will be shared quarterly.

西瓜视频鈥檚 Diversity Stats

How We Foster Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Recovery-Based Culture:

西瓜视频 services are based in recovery. We believe in that recovery is possible, and while we cannot make recovery happen, we can create an environment where recovery can thrive.

We do this by creating an environment of respect and non-judgment, and we celebrate individual uniqueness. We care about the interpersonal relationships we develop so we can foster a supportive program setting. Learn more about our recovery-centered approach here.


Inclusive Hiring:

Hiring Advisory Teams (HAT): In order to gain a diverse perspective in our recruitment process, we developed Hiring Advisory Teams (HAT) at 西瓜视频. HAT interviews are conducted by a mix of staff members, often including front-line staff and managers from a variety of roles (clinical, administrative, etc.). HAT interviews help us rely on the diverse wisdom, experience, and perspectives of our 西瓜视频 team members 鈥 and help us hire people who share our values and can contribute to our teams and our ability to deliver high-quality care.

Unconscious bias training: We are also working to educate and train all of our hiring managers about unconscious biases (see below), so that our recruiting and hiring processes are as consistent, equitable, and inclusive as possible.


Wide Range of Services:

西瓜视频 serves people who have complex needs and diverse life experiences. We specialize in serving people with serious mental illness who have faced a great deal of stigma and trauma in their lives. They may also struggle with housing instability or homelessness, substance use, involvement with the criminal justice system, physical health issues, and more.

Our job is to support people in their recovery journey and meet people where they are and help them take positive steps forward. You can learn about our range of services here.

Unconscious Bias at 西瓜视频

Unconscious biases are learned assumptions, beliefs, or attitudes that we may not even be aware that we have. Bias is a normal part of our brain's function, however, if we are not aware of our own biases, we might be at risk of relying on stereotypes that can negatively impact our interactions, relationships, decision-making, and more.

At 西瓜视频, we are all on a learning journey. Unconscious bias training is one tool we can use to learn and grow from each other 鈥 from a spirit of humility. We believe that unconscious bias learning has the power to help us build a more inclusive, respectful, and diverse workplace.

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