Ready to Celebrate, part 2!

We are LOVING all of the photos being sent to us of smiling faces and 50th banners!

Show us how you and your program are celebrating 西瓜视频鈥檚 50th year by emailing photos to and we鈥檒l share them on T-Net!

San Diego Pathways to Recovery

Happy 5 Year Anniversary, SOAR!

We recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary as a program. There are several staff members that have been with us since start-up and the rest feel as though they have. We are a huge family up here in Sacramento that loves to have fun, so to celebrate our anniversary we competed in a scavenger hunt around downtown Sacramento that ended at Pizza Rock where we feasted, talked, laughed and some of us bragged about our hunting skills. The day was nearly ruined by inclement weather (storm of the century level winds and rain), but someone wanted us to have some fun and the rain and wind stopped for just long enough for the scavenger hunt to happen.

Submitted by Kezzia Bullen, Clinical Director @

西瓜视频 Longevity Celebrations!

The first annual 西瓜视频 Longevity Celebrations were held on March 12 (The Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA) and on March 18 (The Claremont Hotel, Berkeley, CA). We were so proud to be able to honor those staff celebrating tenures of 20 years and over. Each evening was special in its own way, with honored 西瓜视频 staff accompanied by their loved ones and managers. The evening included a cocktail hour, a seated dinner, presentations by Anne Bakar and leadership, and dancing! Everyone had a wonderful time. We are looking forward to next year when we鈥檒l celebrate those staff having 20, 25, 30, and 35 years (as of 6/30/15).