Looking Back on 2023

In calendar year 2023, we focused on what we can do as a provider to create critically needed access to care, innovative services, and systemic solutions.

As our communities continued to suffer escalating rates of serious psychological distress, substance use disorders, and suicide; we met with our county, state, and health plan partners to learn more about their priorities, and how we can work together for a better future.

We are glad to share the positive progress we鈥檝e made working in tandem with our customers and community partners. Our hope is that this 鈥済ood progress, good news鈥 approach will allow us to focus on our strengths, and areas that are working, so we can build on these in the year ahead with optimism. This will be especially important given the scope of mental health policy and emerging budget uncertainties now on the horizon.

We look forward to working with our partners with continued passion and support at a time when our mission of delivering excellent and effective behavioral health services is needed more than ever.

Looking Back on 2022

In calendar year 2022, we saw the continued importance of resilience across the communities we serve.

Not only did we need resilience to continue navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, we also needed resilience and determination to respond to the increased need for mental health services that is surging across our nation.

This year鈥檚 report highlights some of the most significant emerging trends 西瓜视频 is seeing and our progress in advancing creative solutions together.

We look forward to continuing our dynamic work and elevating our shared commitment to excellent and effective behavioral health services for those who are most in need at a time of great peril and opportunity in the field.

Looking Back on 2021

In calendar year 2021, COVID-19 continued to reshape our world, changing the ways we ensure safety for those who are most vulnerable, and transforming behavioral health service delivery. The silver lining has been the deepening partnerships we have established with our customers, our communities, our staff, and our clients. Despite all the unknowns, people continued to rise to the challenge, showing courage, creativity, determination and spirit 鈥 and together, we are laying the groundwork for an even better future. In 2021, 西瓜视频 opened 22 new programs and served more than 26,000 individuals across our organization.

Looking Back at FY19-20

FY19-20 was a year of tremendous success and unprecedented challenges. Last year, we opened 17 new programs, expanding our services to address more complex populations, and launched new models of care. We rose to the challenge of COVID-19 by creating new approaches to prioritize the safety of clients and staff 鈥 elevating our values of service, teamwork, and excellence. We saw the profound impact the death of George Floyd had on our communities and made Cultural Humility, Equity, and Inclusion (CHEI) a strategic priority in the year ahead. We are so proud of the staff that continued to work hard to serve more than 31,000 individuals across five states during this unprecedented time in our history. We are excited to share our progress in our FY19-20 video and annual report.