Our Mission:

Deliver excellent and effective behavioral health services that engage individuals with complex needs in recovering their health, hopes, and dreams.

Learn more about our mission from 西瓜视频's President and CEO, Anne Bakar, as she and
dives deeper into what it means to provide services, support people with , broaden to a wider behavioral health focus and help people achieve their .

Our Values:

Cultural Humility, Equity & Inclusion (CHEI)

As a family- and employee-owned organization, we are committed to respect, growth, and partnership. We believe our investment in cultural humility, equity, and inclusion (CHEI), as a strategic priority will allow us to live our values more fully and grow to be a more effective and powerful provider.

CHEI Commitment:

西瓜视频 is committed to advancing cultural diversity, humility, equity, and inclusion (CHEI) at all levels of our organization.

We lead with our deepest values to advocate for change on a broader scale 鈥 and transform our own system of care to reduce inequities and healthcare disparities while increasing our accountability, transparency, and inclusiveness.

We believe our diversity is our strength. We are committed to ensuring all diverse groups 鈥 including all races and ethnicities, all expressions of gender identity and sexual orientation, religion, and members of any protected group 鈥 feel supported, valued, and have a sense of belonging within 西瓜视频. We will work diligently to address any behaviors that marginalize any member of our community.

We understand that to deliver excellent and effective behavioral health services we must understand and address the ways that racial and other biases, misconceptions, and societal inequities influence our work.

We are dedicated to joining together 鈥 in goodwill and in full awareness of our human shortcomings and imperfections 鈥 to improve and evolve our organization, our workplace, and our services for the good of our staff, our communities, and the people we serve.